Carla Boyles “Lifestyles” Segment on Local 7

Carla Boyles is the owner of Imagine Hair Design. She encouraged viewers to start their own beauty garden and shared the following advice:

Tomatoes: Acidity in tomatoes will restore hair back to natural color.

Carrot Facial Mask:  Rich in Beta Carotene, carrots are a natural source of vitamin A which has numerous benefits for our skin: 1.Rich in antioxidants 2. slows down the skin’s aging process 3. a natural anti-aging factor. 4. Helps maintain skin’s moisture. 5. Contributes to skin cells renewal process. 6. Effective for acne treatment – helps heal wounds and pimples and restore the skin. 7.Antiseptic – strengthens the immune system and prevents infections.

Aloe: This is a plant that you should have in abundance. This is the most important plant to have when you have a sunburn, scrape, rash or sting.